La. Lawmakers Write Rules for AV Trucks

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July 8, 2019—Louisiana lawmakers have written rules of the road that self-driving vehicles will need to follow to truck commerce across the state, reported The Gainesville Sun.

Though significant use of the vehicles may be years away, Louisiana’s new regulations take effect Aug. 1.

Louisiana’s law will permit autonomous vehicles to transport passengers or property if they are deemed able to follow state vehicle and traffic laws, meet federal vehicle safety standards and achieve “a minimal risk condition if an (operational) failure occurs.” The vehicles must be registered and have a minimum of $2 million in insurance coverage.

Under the regulations, the person or company operating the vehicles can be issued a traffic ticket or other penalties if laws aren’t followed. If an accident happens, the self-driving vehicle will have to remain at the accident scene, and someone representing the company must contact law enforcement.

Twenty-nine states have enacted laws involving autonomous vehicles, though they range in what’s allowed, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures .


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