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All of the editorial content you read in FIXED each month, with the exception of columns from John Stubbs, is produced in-house by a small team of wonderful writers: our associate editor, Tess Collins, and two staff writers, Melissa Steinken and Kiley Wellendorf.

We don’t utilize any freelancers or accept submitted content—everything from story concepts to the final product in the magazine is done at our offices in St. Paul, Minn. It’s a purposeful choice we’ve made and one that helps us keep a close eye on consistency and quality. We pride ourselves on having a team of professional journalists and doing the work ourselves, but we couldn’t do it without the industry professionals who, every month, share their knowledge, tips and experiences for the benefit of their peers.

We’re constantly in touch with industry leaders and consultants, whether hunting for ideas, looking for sources or seeking feedback on our story concepts. Although we try to get out in the industry and attend events as often as we can, we don’t have the luxury of decades of experience in the fixed operations. The fact is, the editorial team is not “in the trenches” of the industry every day. So, we need to maintain close communication with those who do have that experience in order to deliver the impactful stories we aim to provide to our readers every month.

To make sure we’re hitting the mark, we’ve enlisted the help of some of the industry’s top talent. We handpicked six of the industry’s most accomplished operators to serve as the first-ever members of the FIXED editorial advisory board. From the first carbon neutral dealer in the world to one of the top Mopar parts dealers in the country, these managers/directors are a truly invaluable resource for our team—and we’re extremely grateful to them.

We created the advisory board with the intention that it’s a permanent resource for FIXED, with members serving two-year terms. They will offer feedback on the magazine’s content and story concepts, as well as their own insight on the daily challenges and trends in the industry. We look forward to working with this group and hope that their involvements will help us continue to not only improve our publication, but also your operation. 

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