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Feb. 11, 2019—Recently, Hireology rolled out a full-stack recruitment management platform to help dealers attract and retain talent.

The platform features attract, hire and integrate features, which help streamline the entire hiring process.

“The CRM can seem pretty intimidating for fixed ops managers,” Julie Brinkman, Hireology’s COO, says. “But they need to remember, they’re already managing a CRM with their current customers.”

Hireology aims to take that same discipline and apply it to recruitment. Rather than taking a passive role in the hiring process, Hireology’s recruitment CRM will help employers build up a database of talent so they can reach out before an situation arises where they need to fill an open position quickly.

For dealerships that are struggling recruiting talent, Brinkman suggests starting with the dealership’s career site.

“Dealers need to display what’s in it for the candidate,” Brinkman says.

Dealers need to display a clear career path for candidates and show how employees are able to grow within the organization. Dealerships should also touch on the culture and benefits that really make them stand out, Brinkman says.

Hireology can help with making the most out of a career site. It will make sure that your job site is search engine optimized, which can help bring candidates looking for opportunities directly to your site, Brinkman explains. Hireology can also give information on where candidates come from, which will help dealers focus their search more and understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to attracting talent.

Not only does the CRM help find and attract candidates, it also helps with the onboarding process, an area that is often overlooked.

Brinkman points out that for most, the first day at a compnay is filled with paperwork. It’s not necessarily the most productive or engaging way to start a career. With Hireology’s CRM, this can be eliminated. The paperwork can be sent to the new employee before his or her start date and the first day can be spent integrating that person into the culture and selling the benefits of the job rather wasting time filling out forms, Brinkman explains.

For those already using the platform or interested in using it, Brinkman suggests utilizing the engagement features and sending employees videos and text before they start to get them excited about the position, a feature she feels it underutilized. In such a competitive industry, many candidates are lost from the time they are offered the position to their start date, Brinkman says. Using engagement tools can help prevent this.

For those that are hesitant, Brinkman shares some parting advice.

“You’re already doing a lot of these practices (on the customer side of things) and it’s just about flipping it to the recruitment side and figuring out and finding ways to bring people in,” Brinkman says.  


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