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Luxury Shoppers Increasingly Seeking Used Cars

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May 29, 2018—Recent research shows that nearly 40 percent of luxury vehicle owners are less likely to purchase a used car than mass-market owners, yet a growing number of luxury shoppers are cross-shopping used and certified pre-owned vehicles.

As noted in a recent Auto Remarketing article, luxury owners who research and consider non-luxury vehicles increased from 10 percent in 2016 to 13 percent last year. An increasing number of luxury owners cross-shopping used options illustrates a widening appeal for used cars among luxury owners.

“Luxury shoppers, in particular, are placing increased focus on brand experience and innovation when shopping for their next vehicle,” Jumpstart’s marketing and strategic insights vice president Libby Murad-Patel said in a news release.

Murad-Patel suggested that auto marketers should place “greater emphasis on a vehicle’s unique values while addressing quality, longevity, versatility and maintenance concerns up front.”

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