Team Building


Four Steps to Engaged Employees

Millennials are more interested in the emotional connection that comes along with their work, so fostering engaged employees is reliant upon this concept today. Here are the four phases of creating effectively engaged employees.
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The 4 Tenets of a Great Leader

Patrick Leddin, a professor for the managerial studies program at Vanderbilt and a senior consultant for FranklinCovey, bases his seminars and classes around four main tenets of what makes for a great leader. Here's a brief breakdown.
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Reaching New Heights

REACH (Results, Enthusiasm, Accountability, Connection, Honesty) is the foundation to everything Freedom Toyota does, and has allowed Evelyn Chatel to strategically lead the team into becoming one of the largest operations in the area.
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Relying on Your Team

Your success as a leader and delegator is measured by the success of your team. Here's how Peter Carreiro helps technicians operate at a 100–200 percent efficiency level as they go through a volume of 1,200–1,300 repair orders per month.
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Bottom-Up Evaluations

Having employees review their managers can provide invaluable insight. John Stubbs rates his managers in eight categories: leadership, process management, customer care, employee care, planning and handling growth, cost control, and quality control.
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