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Retaining Employees Through Benefits

Asbury Automotive announced in early February that it would be rolling out healthcare and stock ownership programs as part of its strategic plan to focus on frontline roles in fixed operations and sales. FIXED sat down with Asbury Automotive Group CEO David Hult to hear his thoughts on the program.

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Four Steps to Engaged Employees

Millennials are more interested in the emotional connection that comes along with their work, so fostering engaged employees is reliant upon this concept today. Here are the four phases of creating effectively engaged employees.
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4 Things to Watch for During an Interview

Bad judgement during the hiring process can have long-lasting repercussions that will affect co-workers, managers, and customers. However, it can be difficult to identify a potential employee’s negative traits during the interview alone. Here are four of the most common and significant things for which to keep an eye out.
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