Report Details Each State's ARO for Check Engine Repairs

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July 21, 2017—For the second consecutive year, Michigan is the U.S. state with the lowest average check engine light repair cost ($343.40), according to CarMD, which analyzed data from more than 11.5 million vehicles needing repairs in 2016.

The five states with the highest AROs resulting from check ening repair costs are:


Labor Cost

Parts Cost

Average Total 
Car Repair Cost in 2016
(Parts & Labor)

1. Connecticut




2. District of Columbia




3. Rhode Island




4. Georgia




5. Maryland





And the five lowest AROs belong to:


Labor Cost

Parts Cost

Average Total
Car Repair Cost in 2016
(Parts & Labor)

47. Ohio




48. Hawaii




49. Wisconsin




50. Maine




51. Michigan





Visit here to see where each state ranks.

When vehicles have check engine light problems, the leading culprit is a faulty oxygen sensor (O2 sensor), which is the most frequently diagnosed repair in 35 states. The cost, including parts and labor, to have an oxygen sensor professionally installed can vary from $233 in Michigan to $296 in Vermont.

Parts costs also vary from state-to-state. The average O2 sensor part costs $169 in Connecticut, which is nearly 34 percent more than the part cost in Michigan ($126). Properly operating oxygen sensors are important to a car's performance and to the environment. If left unrepaired, most check engine light-related problems, including a faulty O2 sensor, can negatively impact a car's fuel economy and cause damage to other car parts like the more costly catalytic converter, which averages $1,190 to replace.


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