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When I read this month’s Service Insight, “Seeing Eye to Eye,” I couldn’t help but laugh. The story focuses on the relationship between parts and service—two departments integral to the success of one another, but that, at times, might have an adversarial relationship. The reason I laughed is because it reminded me so much of a similar relationship that often exists in the publishing world: that between editorial and sales.

One of the differentiators we pride ourselves on most at FIXED is that clear delineation between editorial and sales. We follow the classic separation of church versus state rules: All of our content is written in-house by our team of trained journalists and is never influenced by advertisers or sales opportunities.

Naturally, those opposing goals can sometimes present conflicts. But, that’s a close-minded way of looking at the relationship because, ultimately, both teams are working toward the same goal: to produce the highest-quality magazine possible that offers the most impact on the industries we serve. Both teams are absolutely integral to each other; one team couldn’t exist without each other and, if anything, the opposing nature of the teams push the other to do their best work, which, in turn, produces the best magazine.

The exact same can be said about how many of the departments within a dealership work. Every department is critical to the other, the customer experience and the overall success of the dealership.

That last part is what should be kept top of mind, however. The common goal is the undercurrent of the relationships between departments, and that needs to be fostered. As you’ll read in the Service Insight, an effective service-parts relationship is critical for an effective dealership. 

“We are not either the parts or service department—we are both,” says Joseph Coleman, parts and service director of Knauz Auto Park, in the story. “We can’t operate without each other.”

And the advice within that story applies to more than just service, too. It’s a reminder that, regardless of how we may see our roles and our purpose, we need to remember the goal at large, and shift our perspectives to keep that goal in mind.


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