Details on Volvo's Towing for Life Service

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June 14, 2019—Volvo recently announced it is expanding its complimentary services for owners to include "Tow for Life", reported

The promise is that roadside towing of all Volvos will be available in the U.S. regardless of vehicle age or model with no expiration date.

But, Volvo is only going to tow you for free to a Volvo retailer for repairs. “Genuine Volvo parts and repair methods” means you’re likely going to be paying more for your repairs than if you took your car into your favorite neighborhood auto repair shop. And if you don’t want to get your car serviced at the Volvo location? You’re on the hook for that tow.

“If parts or competency are the result for a Volvo being turned away, the customer will not be charged,” said Jim Nichols, product and technology communication manager for Volvo Cars USA. 

If the dealership the car is towed to cannot accommodate the repair, the customer might have to pay for the company that tows the car elsewhere for repairs.

The free-towing is also limited to a 25-mile radius. 

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