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May 20, 2019—At the end of April, Hireology and Maritz announced a partnership to help with hiring talent in dealerships.

The partnership came to fruition after both companies participated in OEM training program and got to know one another’s goals, which were the same: To help dealers succeed in finding and acquiring top talent.

The announcement, which was made at the Future of Automotive Retail Summit, brought together two leaders in human capital solutions, working toward a common goal, explains Hireology CEO Adam Robinson.  

Hireology is an all-in-one hiring and training management platform that enables dealers to centralize the hiring process. Maritz is a business performance solutions that connects users to results. By leveraging both platforms, dealers can establish best practices for finding and retaining the talent they need.   

“At the end of the day, we’re both focused on the dealer,” Robinson says of the partnership.

Dealerships needs to stop putting recruiting on the backburner. Effective recruiting is core to the success of a dealership, Robinson says.

When it comes to reaching out to prospective job candidates, most dealerships are stuck in the 90s, Robinson says. They post on a job on a recruitment site and hope that applicants will come in. With the technician shortage, that’s just not good enough.

“Jobs need to be retailed,” Robinson says.

Marketing a job should be just as important as marketing a new vehicle, it’s just as essential to the success of the operation, maybe even more. The success of a dealership is based on the people working inside of it, without the right people, it just won’t work, Robinson says.

Dealerships also have to find ways to differentiate themselves to candidates. Other dealerships and independent repair and collision shops are competing for the same talent, so it’s imperative that companies find what makes them the best choice and market that.

“What dealers can do to be successful is leverage what makes its opportunities unique,” Robinson says.

A clear career path, training opportunities and benefits (such as flexibility and an appealing work environment) are all ways to differentiate your company and attract the top candidates, Robinson says.

The two best pieces of advice that Robinson can provide for dealerships today is to focus on employment branding—in other words, what will incentivize an entry-level tech to pick your company over another—and getting an infrastructure in place that allow candidates to easily search and find a position. According to Robinson, 84 percent of all job searches start with Google, and 70 percent are on a mobile device. If your job is not easily found through a Google search on a mobile device, then you’re already at a huge disadvantage.   


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