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April 11, 2019— Dan Malloy, recently appointed VP of sales for automotiveMastermind, sat down with FIXED during the Digital Dealer Conference to discuss the recent announcement of Market EyeQ and what can be done to better the relationship between the service and sales team when adopting the solution.  

Tell us about Market EyeQ.

Market EyeQ is a new sales platform. It helps us identify, communicate with, and close every customer within a dealership’s perspective market. So, when you think about a Toyota store in Freehold, N.J., they’re responsible to sell from the OEM to certain zip codes in a respective area of influence (AOI)—you have Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia…

Market EyeQ takes the raw demographic data and we apply that to algorithms. We then take anonymized data and we model out through other brands. We ask “what does a good customer look like?” and we can put together a score for the dealership to show which of those customers is ready to buy. Market EyeQ handles not only retention in the sales to service drive process, which was always the core pillar of what we did, but now it’s adding conquest to the mix. So, we can go over after other brands in the perspective AOI.

Your solutions bring more customers in to purchase vehicles, but I feel like this would sometimes cause friction with service if those customers are taken away by sales. If dealers implement this, what can be done to keep the relationship between the two positive?

Sales treats service like the step child and vice versa. It’s really just a culture and communication thing. To get around that, it’s a lot of communication. It’s about setting the expectation with the staff. Say, “This is what we want to accomplish,” and outline it for them. I would put context around it, like I did with my team. “Here’s the why behind it, and this is the benefit to the dealer long term.”

On the service side, it took a lot of work to get that customer in and took time to review the car, recommend the work and then all of the sudden it’s like, “Ok, sales is going to take it” —and now the customer is not going to pay the ticket. That’s where there’s tension.

In order to make it work, you have to have a pay plan that makes sense. So, what we do is we put in place a pay plan that, if we did pull the car [from the service drive], it doesn’t hurt the service advisors’ pay. If you put a pay plan in place and promote collaboration, that’s the number one way to get everyone aligned. You have to start with meetings that explain the why and put that pay plan in place. Once you do that, it will start to take off.

When a dealer signs up for Market EyeQ, what’s the onboarding process?

When you sign up, a few things happen. The contract is signed and then the team reaches out. We collect the store's data. Once we have that and build out the custom site, we give them a launch date. The launch date is two full days of training in the store working one-on-one with each person, identifying processes, and getting everyone onboard with the technology. We install it on every computer. We do separate meetings for morning and afternoon, so training does not take everyone off the floor.

Recently, we partnered with TransUnion, so now there’s a TransUnion process, which allows us to tap into the services unsold that come into the drive every day. When those customers [with unsold services] pull through, now we can capture that data and use that data on the next outreach to increase our database or increase our sales.

What does support look like after onboarding?

Every 30-45 days, we have someone in the store for a full working day checking-in. We’re talking to the dealers to see if there is new staff or if there are any pain points [with the solutions]. We do things like bring them playbooks for the service drive. Some people struggle. they’ve never had a process for the service drive before. We’ll give a recommended pay plan and recommended staffing, and walk them through the process. We customize it for the dealership because everyone is different.


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