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Spotlight: Parts Manager Mark Weigand

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Mark Weigand started his career working at a parts store in high school. He worked at the aftermarket parts store for 11 years before joining what was then Geller Toyota and has been with the company ever since. From 1998–2010, Weigand was involved in wholesale parts and took over as parts manager in 2011. His background has not only shaped his leadership style, but has also helped him tackle a number of initiatives, including building up the wholesale department and creating a delivery network.

Weigand is quick to credit all of the dealership’s success back to the team. It’s clear that Weigand has found a way to create a collaborative and engaged culture within his department.

More Than a Century of Experience

Ganley Toyota’s parts department has found a way to keep its employees happy, as is evident by the high retention rate of the staff.

“Between all of us, there’s over 100 years of experience,” Weigand says of the amount of time his staff has been employed at Ganley. “My assistant manager and I each have about 22 years of experience, which comes out to 50 years between the two of us. If you start adding all of these guys up—there’s major experience.”

Keeping staff around for so long doesn’t happen by chance. Ganley says it’s thanks to the camaraderie that has been cultivated within the parts department.

“No one person can do everything, and that applies to me,” Ganley says. “Nobody is perfect at everything. We try and stay together and communicate.”

Different Approaches

As a leader, Weigand realizes that not every person is the same and because of that, he makes sure to take a different approach with each member of his team.

“Sometimes, I’m your biggest cheerleader and sometimes, I go the other way,” Weigand says.

By that, he means that he finds the best coaching style for each individual.

His main philosophy is to try and get his team to be independent thinkers and to make their own decisions. However, he has worked hard to create a balance and cultivate a team atmosphere.

“Everyone gives what they can to each other,” Weigand says. “Our success is not because of anything I’ve done by myself, it’s because of what everyone has teamed up to do.”

Establishing Solid Accountability

Ganley says in his parts department, preparation is key. In order to keep the customer happy, his team needs to make sure everything is ready when it needs to be, and in order to make sure that happens, people need to be held accountable. Ganley has found a way to do this without documentation and instead through constant communication.

“Daily communication is key,” Ganley says. “You need to find a way to make sure people are engaged.”


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