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One of the unique aspects of our publication that you’ve likely noticed over time is that we don’t have people on the cover of the magazine—ever. Each month, we go with a more “conceptual” approach, hoping to elicit an emotional reaction to connect our readers with the topics we’ll discuss in our stories.

In general, our content tends to focus on strategies and processes, metrics and benchmarks. We want all of the stories we put into this magazine each month to provide real, tangible solutions in your operations. That’s the goal. There’s a lot that goes into a successful fixed operations department, and we want to cover as much of it as possible.

But we don’t want to lose sight of the human element behind all of it. No strategy or process can succeed without the right team in place to carry it out, and no operation can grow and expand without the people to put in the time, energy and passion required.

And that’s where The FIXED Awards come into play.

With our awards, we aim to celebrate the people who push fixed operations departments forward, the progressive men and women who make this industry great. The awards aren’t performance rankings, built from a long list of KPIs; although metrics can play a role. The awards aren’t a popularity contest, either, but they are based on nominations from you and your peers. So, performance plays a part, but so too does resourcefulness, passion and dedication to improvement.

Our awards are broken down into three categories—Leadership, Innovation and Service—and operations win as a team. Just as we do with the dealerships we choose to feature in the magazine each month, we want our winners to highlight the true character of this industry. This is our first year giving out these awards, and we’re proud of the group that earned them.

Read their stories and be sure to nominate next year. Maybe we can tell your team’s story next time around.


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