CarStory Launches Appraisal Product

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October 11, 2018—CarStory, the automotive AI platform, announced the launch of CarStory Appraise, the first dealer appraisal product to combine sales predictions with big data information.

CarStory Appraise offers an assessment of a vehicle based on how each car will perform on a specific dealer's lot, not just what other dealers are paying at auction. Using AI and machine learning, CarStory Appraise analyzes a VIN against the local market to see exactly when the car will sell and for how much.

Key features of CarStory Appraise include:

  • VINSpectTMCarStory captures and analyzes data from more than 200 million VINs to create a more complete description of a vehicle, saving time while producing an accurate forecast and appraisal.
  • GoPriceTM: CarStory predicts exactly what a car will sell for and when. This leads to better and more profitable purchase decisions.
  • Market Intelligence: Knowing what to pay starts with understanding the current market. By analyzing current supply levels, shopper demand, competitive vehicles and dealership performance, CarStory Appraise shows exactly how a potential acquisition fits into the market and how it will sell on a dealer’s lot.

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