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Four Ways Identifix Can Assist inside the Shop

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From the latest technology placed inside new vehicles to the endless categories of parts and products that lie within a specific vehicle, staying ahead of the industry is not always easy.

For dealerships like Morgan Auto Group, having a resource like Identifix has helped the company stay consistent with work and aware of new changes in the industry.

Joerg “Joe” Schlueter, Vice President of Fixed Operations at Morgan Auto Group, a Florida-based auto group with a total of 33 locations, knows that success is often built on finding resources outside of the shop.
    “Of our 33 locations and the vast amount of all makes and models business we do, coupled with the high-volume used-car reconditioning, we need a source of information that supports our technicians to keep the volume flowing,” Schlueter says.
    Identifix’ Direct-Hit for dealerships provides a one-stop shop for automotive questions, routine service information, factory scheduled maintenance programs and estimating.

    “We have been using Identifix for many years and install Identifix at all of our new locations,” Schlueter says.

    With the help of Identifix, dealerships have been able to keep up with the ever-changing industry by utilizing Direct-Hit, a product that is able to assist technicians with day-to-day tasks, as well as build knowledge at the shop. Here are a few ways that Direct-Hit will help improve your fixed operations.


DirectHit Identifix screenshot2


1) Spend less time researching automotive questions.

In some cases, technicians might not be aware of the fix for a vehicle during the repair process. In the past, a technician would have to stop working and search for the answer from multiple sources. Direct-Hit offers dealerships a variety resources that can both assist technicians as well as work as a guide to ensure that work is done properly.

    According to Identifix, Direct-Hit correctly diagnoses the vehicle issue 100 percent of the time. Compare this to competitors’ success rates: Mitchell at 91 percent, Google at 75 percent and ALLDATA at 60 percent, based on research from independent repair shops and technicians.


2) Get expert advice on your toughest repairs.

Call the Virtual Technician Service  provided by Identifix and get the answers for which you’ve been looking. The award-winning repair hotline connects shops with technicians who can help answer any automotive questions that arise at the shop.

Virtual Technician Service is organized into five carline teams: GM, Chrysler, Ford, European, and Asian.When you call the hotline, you’re always speaking to an expert. In order for technicians to be qualified to work at Virtual Technician Service, the following requirements must be met: OE-factory trained, ASE master and L1 carline specialist.


3) Better explain the repair process to customers.

Customers are often in the dark when it comes to the process of repairing a vehicle. Instead of creating more confusion for the customer by trying to simplify the explanation, Direct-Hit can assist shops in how to properly walk through a repair.

When your shop needs help explaining a service to a customer, use the factory-scheduled maintenance program offered within Direct-Hit. This program offers details on all manufacturer-recommended service in easy-to-understand language.

Not only is the factory-scheduled maintenance program easy for technicians to understand, it also provides a better understanding for the customer, who might then feel more comfortable with the repair.

4) Build technician’s automotive knowledge.

Because vehicles change so frequently, it’s common for repair procedures to become outdated and are no longer the best option to take when repairing a vehicle. In order to stay up to date with the latest information, Direct-Hit pools information for shops to use both on the shop floors and the front room.
    When your shop needs repair information, Direct-Hit offers quick access to routine service information for brake and torque specifications, fluid levels, capacities and more. When working through a repair, Direct-Hit can provide specific procedures including component locations, trouble codes, service bulletins, and also remove and replace procedures.
    For estimating assistance, the free Direct-Estimate tool that accompanies every Direct-Hit subscription provides access to the most current MOTOR information, as well as integrated parts ordering for increased productivity. Afterward, estimates can be built, saved, printed or emailed to customers.


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