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Analysis: Auto Industry Has Steep AI Learning Curve

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July 3, 2018—A recent study by Wards Intelligence found that some OEMs are much further ahead in raising their Artificial Intelligence expertise than others.

Automakers face not just a steep learning curve with regard to AI, but also an expensive one. As a result, Wards Auto embarked upon its “AI in Automotive” study, which profiles 16 global automakers, analyzing their AI strengths. It indicated that the auto industry must quickly pick up the pace with regard to mastering AI in order to truly capitalize on the promise of an AI-driven business.

Other noteworthy findings of the study include:

  • AI-piloted autonomous cars will require faster networks than those available today, and their data demands will result in a storage crunch.
  • AI creates unique ethical dilemmas that the industry must confront and align with varying societal norms.
  • AI isn’t just for cars; automakers hope to use it to make assembly-line robots smarter, sales forecasts more accurate, and the buying process smoother.

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