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John Mallory



In May, John Mallory attended Toyota’s award ceremony for Quality Champions—an event that acknowledges professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness with technical cases for Toyota. Mallory was one of two Quality Champions in his region to receive the honor and one of only 22 selected.

Before Mallory got to the event, he had no idea what a big deal it was. He felt like he was just doing his job. However, his product reports on issues with new cars really stood out and he was nominated by Toyota’s Field Technical Specialist. The reports were so detailed that Mallory was selected as one of the few to represent Toyota.


Going Above and Beyond

Mallory spends a large portion of his day working on the trouble cars that come into the dealership. The reason that Mallory was named a Quality Champion was for his product reports, which document problems with new Toyota cars and then are submitted to Toyota to see if there’s a quality problem.  

“It’s something that they want master and master diagnostic techs doing—not everyone does it,” Mallory says. “When I see a problem with a new car, I write a product report and they can figure out what the issue is.”


Attention to Detail

When Mallory is completing a product report, he makes sure to be as detailed as possible. He includes photos whenever necessary and will circle the issue. He also is sure to save all of the information that is gathered from the scan tool and add in his own personal notes.


A Helping Hand

Frank Driffill, service director at Red McCombs Toyota, says that Mallory works with all of the technicians to help diagnose the tougher jobs and to provide guidance.

Since coming back from the Quality Champion awards, Mallory has realized just how important the product reports are.

“It motivates me to do a better job,” Mallory says.

Mallory says he will continue to do his own reports and make them even more detailed. He also hopes to get more people on his team to do them.

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