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3 Tips from a Standout Service Advisor

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SHOP STATS: Jason Glasby  Company: Schaumburg Honda Automobiles  Location: Schaumburg, Ill.  Position: Service Advisor  Years at the Company: 1 

Jason Glasby, service advisor for Schaumburg Honda Automobiles, part of the Bob Rohrman Auto Group, is brand new to the auto industry. He’s not, however, new to sales and the importance of customer care.

Glasby joined his father at the dealership a little over a year ago after working in the field for an industrial battery company. Before that, Glasby did door-to-door sales, which Glasby said prepared him for anything. Glasby’s father, who recently retired from the dealership, was also in sales and used to say to him, “The hardest door to open is the one from your car door to the front door.”

Glasby says that his greatest accomplishment has been proving himself to the team. By focusing on the customer rather than the car, Glasby has been able to make a connection and deliver to the customer. By doing this, Glasby has been able to establish his place in the dealership and has gained the trust of both the technicians and management.

“It’s about the car, but the car is secondary. The car is what brought them in; they’re looking for someone to connect with,” Glasby says.

There are no second chances to make a first impression.

Every customer that walks in the door is different, but the one thing that should remain the same is the way that you make them feel, Glasby says.

“You have to clear out all of your other stress and greet the customer in a friendly way with a positive attitude,” he says.  


Find a solution to the customers problem—no matter what it is.

Glasby says that part of what has made him successful (he has 191 reviews with a 4.5-star average on the dealership’s website) is that he finds a solution to his customer’s problems. Whether it’s the repair or a way to get the customer to where he or she needs to be, he’s fully committed to finding the answer.


Make time to follow up.

Glasby doesn’t want his customers to feel forgotten about once they leave. That’s why he makes a point to touch base within two days after they leave. Glasby is sure to check in with the customer’s preferred method of contact to see how he or she is doing.

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