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Eliminate 'Firing' from Your Vocabulary

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Eliminate 'Firing' from Your Vocabulary
A Massachusetts service director explains why he almost never fires an employee.

March 27, 2018—Jeffrey Krasner, a veteran of 33 years in the auto industry, has helped usher Herb Chambers Toyota of Auburn’s service department toward great heights in recent years. Consider: his Massachusetts employer has won its OEM’s President’s Award seven years in a row.

Krasner’s unfailing dedication to his staff is a key reason why his service department cranks out around $6 million annually in labor sales. And, in Krasner’s opinion, a key ingredient to his success is the fact he almost never fires an employee.

Yes, it might sound like heresy, but the director of service operations feels strongly that dealership leaders should avoid firing employees at virtually all costs.

“If you’ve assessed a hire, then there’s something in that hire that you like and you’ve got to go with your instincts,” Krasner explains. “I don’t like letting people go.

“You know, when I was a younger guy—and before I had kids—it wasn’t difficult for me to have a ‘Black Friday’ where I would go through some help. But, in this day and age, and [if] you’ve got time and money invested? You shouldn’t be blowing people out, short of them ‘F-bombing’ a client or just being completely insubordinate.”

Instead, Krasner prefers to mentor struggling, inexperienced co-workers. That way, in a perfect world, he’s left with appreciative employees who are fiercely loyal to their supervisor.

After all, Krasner notes, a lot of money and resources are spent at dealerships these days when it comes to hiring and training. Taking that into consideration, allowing an employee to fail is an undesirable option to say the least.

“If there wasn’t something good in them, you wouldn't have hired him or her,” the director of service operations concludes.

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