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A Guide for Getting to Know New Hires

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Getting to Know New Hires

In order to truly understand what motivates and drives a new hire, it requires a little work. Fortunately, a past FenderBender source has a form that can help with just that.

When Kelly Bennett consults collision centers, he often focuses on properly compensating employees.

But beyond the financial, human resources aspect of that task, it's important to understand what employees expect from the person who is paying them.

That's why Bennett, a 30-year industry veteran who consults shops through his company, Kelly the Coach, put together a form for getting to know new hires a form for new hires, which straight up states, "In order to best tailor our compensation plans and personal enrichment opportunities to suit both the individual and collective needs of the staff...we ask that you voluntarily provide information requested on the following pages."

And that information? There are simple things, like favorite color and sport, but then more business-pertinent information, like what benefits they favor and if they're interested in personal enrichment training. It's a somewhat less formal way of getting to know your employees—especially new hires.

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