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Report: Most Autonomous Vehicles to be Light-Colored

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Jan. 30, 2018—Most auto industry suppliers feel self-driving cars will be safer and more efficient when they’re light-colored, according to a USA TODAY report.

That’s due to how self-driving cars are expected to operate. One of their most important sensors, the light-mapping systems known as LiDAR, can more easily detect light-colored vehicles.

That doesn’t mean that dark-colored vehicles will disappear from the marketplace; the technology exists to detect them, too, but a car requires more sensors to do so.

So, while the autonomous era is in its infancy, automakers are likely to favor light colors such as white and silver, in order to make vehicles safer and more affordable.

In addition to those color considerations, paint companies will need to adapt their products to help vehicles avoid dirt buildup, which can cover sensors.

“The whole design of the vehicle needs to be fundamentally different,” said Samit Ghoush, CEO of automotive consulting firm P3 North America.

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